Car Eats Car 3 Racing Game – the third part of the automotive arcade where all the machines they eat each other. This time, players are encouraged to get to the dark side and manage one of the evil cars. The protagonist has to free his friends from prison, but to do this will be quite problematic, because in his way will appear, the police and civilians that make everything not to let the character to the goal. In the process of passing the user will be able to upgrade the car to more effectively fight the enemies.

Summary about Car Eats Car 3

Name Car Eats Car 3 Racing Game
Genre Racing
Size 109 MB
Get it on Android 4.2 and up

Information Car Eats Car 3

Car Eats Car 3 Racing Game Mod Apk
Car Eats Car 3 Racing Game Mod Apk

Up for a fight against rivals in a dynamic race on the highway. Legendary car game and action arcade is coming back! Overtake enemies and escape from cops in Car Eats Car 3! Your friends are put to prison – do everything you can to free evil cars! Good driving skills and turbo speed come in handy in this crazy driving simulator and a police chase game. Become a car tycoon, upgrade cars, and play for monster cars against the cops! Fight the boss to survive in these ultimate crazy races.

Overtake the cops

Car Eats Car 3 Racing Game Mod Apk
Car Eats Car 3 Racing Game Mod Apk

The hot offroad chase race is going to start. Evil cops get in the way of street racers. There are no fines in the racing game Car Eats Car 3, but you can go to jail! Do not let the cops arrest you and put your cars in prison. Drive fast to break away and escape from police cars. Every race is a challenge. Do not look at the speedometer, turn on nitro, and make street racers and cops respect you.

Earn crystals by participating in death races of different levels and get a chance to drive the coolest cars in the world. Harvester, Lokomachine, Francopstein, Tankominator – everyone dreams of these cars. Find the smasher car to suit your taste.

Upgrade your car

Car Eats Car 3 Racing Game Mod Apk
Car Eats Car 3 Racing Game Mod Apk

To get the police off your backs in the racing game Car Eats Car 3, upgrade your cars with extra speed, ammo, weapons, nitro, and turbo boosts. Grow evil cars in a special incubator! Create unique cars from parts obtained in racing levels! During the survival race, fire bombs, freeze your enemies and paralyze all competitors with an electromagnetic pulse. Be faster and trickier than your rivals are! The battle of cars is where the weak cars are food for the strong.

Overtake the police cars in the colorful locations of the bustling city, hellish desert, or paradise island! Drive uphill and downhill and climb the mountains! This is a car smasher game without rules or restrictions! In Car Eats Car 3, insane speed and danger are the only meaning of life.

Download Car Eats Car 3 Mod

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