Overdrive II Shadow Legion is a action game with stylish neon graphics and atmosphere of cyberpunk. This game will unfold in the distant future where humanity is recovering from the Apocalypse that happened a hundred years ago. Overdrive II is a hack and slash platformer shadow fighting game with a science -fiction theme and a futuristic story-line.

About Overdrive II Shadow Legion

Overdrive II Shadow Legion Mod Apk
Overdrive II Shadow Legion Mod Apk

Overdrive II tells a story of the world 100 years after the Apocalypse. The Fall does not put an end to humankind, but make them stronger than ever. Robots and cyborgs are in support of humans until the rise of a dark corrupted AI, which builds its own army of robots to take over the whole world from mankind. There goes the endless shadow battle between the robotic army and a shadow legion of human ninja warriors who swear to defense their people and this world.

Overdrive II Shadow Legion Mod Apk
Overdrive II Shadow Legion Mod Apk

The world stands on the edge of an epic war. The mighty force that the Gates of Shadows released many years ago is now an ordinary power source. This shadow energy is both a tool and a weapon, but not everyone wants to keep it this way. Let’s explore the sci-fi design of Overdrive II and enjoy RPG experience! This shadow revenge game offers you an opportunity to equip your character(s) with

Overdrive gears and upgrade them to have special ninja ultimate skills. Be a part of the justice legion and fight your way to victory. Make every slash of your sword counts. Choose your looks and a fighting weapon before you decide the fate of this world. Collect tons of different weapons and armor on your journey. Unlock special abilities by collecting unique sets. Influence the storyline by choosing your faction.

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